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Sightmark Laser Bore sight, An essential tool for zeroing optics ?

What is a Boresight?

Aligning your sight with the anticipated point of impact of the bullet before firing is a practical approach to streamline the sighting-in process.

The concept of bore sighting involves aligning the rifle's sight with the bore of the barrel without actually firing a shot. By doing so, the goal is to be "on paper" or "on targets" when you commence shooting, requiring only a shot or two to fine-tune your sight adjustments.

Originally, "bore sighting" was an action taken to achieve this alignment. It involves removing the bolt in a typical bolt-action rifle, looking down the bore of the barrel to aim at the target, and then adjusting the windage and elevation turrets on the optical sight.

This is not meant to be the final adjustment but rather a starting point to help align the optic with the bore of the barrel.

Since the invention of a bore sighting tools, a device inserted in the chamber or muzzle of a firearm that emits a laser beam. This device eliminates the need to look down the bore, which can be hard to do in certain cases like with semi-automatic firearms.

Instead, the laser's point of impact on the target serves as an estimate of where the extended centerline of the bore would intersect the target, a visual representation comparable to looking down the bore from the breech end.

Sightmark generously provided me with two laser boresights for me to review, one for medium caliber rifles such as 243, 308, etc. and one specifically designed for 22LR.

My extensive testing of the Sightmark boresights, particularly the .308 and 22lr model, has proven to be a useful tool to me. They allow me to spare ammunition when testing scopes and also reduce the time I spent zeroing them.

There are however a couple of issues I believe must be addressed.

  • The First Issue I would like to mention is how the 308 version does not dispose of a integrated power switch, this results in the user having to disassemble, install the batteries and then reassemble the boresight every time you wish to use it.

Having to deal with small components like this in the field poses a high probability of you loosing something and being able to use your tool.

I believe that including a build in power switch would drastically improve this product.

The 22Lr version, due to its size limitations comes with an external battery pack attached and is equipped with a power switch. The double AAA batteries are easier to find and allow for a much longer run-time then the double AG5 batteries. The ideal set up in my mind.

  • Secondly Due to the boresight's being made from brass, as to not damage the camber or barrel of your rifle. they tend to show surface corrosion after touching them with your bare hands. To avoid this minor issue simply clean the boresight thoroughly after use and for good measure wipe the surface with some oil to protect it during storage and the corrosion will not be a problem.

  • And lastly, is the effectiveness of the laser on bright and sunny days.

I tried the laser at a range of 25 meters during the same clear and sunny day, and I was able to clearly see the red dot and use the product as intended.

In overcast weather or during sunrise and sunset the product worked fantastically, so basically its effectiveness depends on when (Low light levels) you use it and at what range (10-100 m).

How does the Sightmark Boresight work?

Using this tool is pretty straight forward, you simply turn it on and insert the boresight into the chamber of your rifle (Make sure to properly clear your rifle of any ammunition and render your rifle safe to operate).

Then, just look through your optic to find the red laser dot.

Once found, adjust your optics reticule to align with the red dot and the pre zeroing is done.

You will still have to shoot and adjust to get your optic perfectly zeroed, however the process will be less ammunition consuming. This pre-zero can also be done off the range in a safe environment as you do not need to shoot live ammunition.

I found all the Sightmark boresights to be user-friendly, with straightforward and clear instructions.

Sightmark offers boresights for a wide variety of calibers, including pistols, centerfire rifles of both NATO and Com-Bloc calibers, 12ga shotgun and even 22 Lr.

Overall, it's challenging to surpass the convenience of a laser boresight to ensure that you are at least on target when you arrive at the range. If, like me, you frequently switch scopes between rifles, then a boresight becomes a necessary tool in your range bag.

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