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Unlocking New Horizons with Sightmark's Wraith Mini 2-16x35 Thermal Riflescope

Sightmark recently introduced a new product to their Wraith Line up, the Wraith Mini 2-16x35 Thermal Riflescope, a compact thermal imaging device designed to redefine the hunting and shooting experience. With an enticing price tag of just under 2,000 euros, this optic not only captures attention but also raises the question: Could the Wraith Thermal be the perfect entry point into the realm of thermal riflescopes?

1. Affordable Innovation

Sightmark takes a bold stride towards democratizing innovative technology, making the Wraith Mini Thermal Riflescope accessible to every hunter and sport shooter. Boasting a 384x288 pixel sensor, a 1024x768 pixel OLED microdisplay and an impressive 1350m detection range, it places state-of-the-art thermal imaging technology into the hands of hunting and sport shooting enthusiasts at an unparalleled price point.

2. Familiar Form, Unmatched Functionality

For those acquainted with the Sightmark Wraith 4K Mini digital and night scope, the Wraith Mini Thermal (WMT) presents a familiar form with unmatched functionality. Sharing the same housing, Picatinny mount, and user interface, so transitioning between the digital and thermal scopes becomes seamless for users familiar with the 4K Mini day/night scope.

This design choice is deliberate and uses the economy of scale strategy to help keep the cost of the unit down.

3. Technical Features

Delving into the specifications, the Wraith Mini 2-16 Thermal is built on a foundation of a 384x288-pixel resolution and a 1024x768 pixel OLED micro display. The 35mm Germanium lens with 2x native magnification, and a digital zoom up to 8x, offers a versatile magnification range from 2 to 16x. although zooming the image digitally does degrade the quality it can be use full in some cases.

The housing of the WMT is made from a strong aluminum alloy and offers great durability for outdoor use. Its operating temperature is rated for -20C to + 50ºC

and is water resistant for use in rainy conditions.

*Be carful as this only holds when using the WMT with its silicon side hatch closed.

As a primary energy source the WMT uses double replaceable CR123A lithium batterie that come supplied in the box.

I have not been able to confirm Sightmark's claim of a runtime of 3.5 to 4.4 hours, depending on A/V recording usage.

During my testing I ended up using my own rechargeable batteries, which is something I would recommend switching to when using this optic for prolonged periods of time.

The nice thing about the WMT is that you can also use a external secondary power source. You simply connect a battery pack using the include USB-C cable and of you go.

To access the battery compartment there is a oversized latch that you simply push to open. In my opinion this feature could use some improvements as the design is prone to open even when unwanted. The latch being oversized and rather easy to manipulate, this can be accidentally bumped open during transport or outdoor use.

4. Display Brilliance and Optics Mastery

The images captured by the sensor are displayed on a 1024x768 pixel OLED micro display within the diopter-adjustable eyepiece. The wide focus range sets the WMT apart, enabling handheld use as an observation monocular which some people may really like. A removable throw lever is supplied to make adjusting the focus a easy task. Regarding the focus adjustment, I think it would have been nice to have some approximate focus distances marked on the outside so quick reference adjustments can be done without struggling to much.

The WMT's software features include a proprietary algorithm for enhancing image quality, five color palettes for increased contrast, and 10 selectable reticles with various color options.

Accessing and navigating the WMT's digital features are done via the top control panel.

Powering on and off the unit is done by holding down the power button in the middle. I like that, in order to turn of the unit you must hold down the power button for at least 4 seconds, this removes the possibility of accidentally turning the unit off.

A warning message and countdown will appear when holding the power button down.

To start and stop recording you simply push the right arrow. To zoom in and out you use the front and back arrow. a

If you want to access the menu you push the left arrow and then you the subsequent front, back, left and right arrow to navigate the menu.

5. Audio & Video Recording System

The A/V recording system, utilizing a MicroSD card format for recording your and saving your best moments.

Unfortunately Sightmark does not include a SD card in the box, this is important as several issues can be avoided by doing so.

- Firstly, the SD card size limits is 256 GB, which should be able hold several hours of recording. *Sightmark does mention this on their website.

- Secondly, I ran into some issues in the beginning as I did use the appropriate class SD card. The card I used did not have a high enough write speed causing the unit to malfunction when trying to record footage.

* I believe issues like this could be avoided by including a appropriate card with the product from the factory.

The side slot, protected by a rubber double flap, also covers the USB-C connector for external battery power.

The nice thing about this side cover

being in two parts is that you can plug in a external power source without exposing more of the internals then necessary.

Although the design is nice I would not keep the power port open while using the Wraith in any kind of rainy scenario.

6. Mounting

The riflescope comes with a detachable fixed-position Picatinny mount.

The mounting system works well and even allows for a acceptable return to zero reliability, this is of importance when using the Wraith with multiple weapon platforms.

The mount uses a single tightening screw to secure the optic to any picatinny rail.

I would personally prefer to have at least two tightening screws for better reliability and redundancy in field use. However there is a important benefit to the current design when using with wraith with a AR type platform.

The single mounting screw allows you to bring the optics slightly closer to your head

then a double screw system would be able to.

This addresses a potential issue that can be important to you. As the wraith uses a magnifying lens to see the micro O-led screen internally, you will have a minimum and maximum eye relief distance to optimize your eye box.

When using a bolt action rifle the optic will be to far from your head to have an optimal eye relief. Sightmark does make optional extended optic mounts in both quick detach and regular screw down options.

I do wish Sightmark made a regular quick detach mount for the Wraith as some people may want to use the unit for scanning and observation of their surroundings without wanting to point their fire arm in any direction.

7. Box and Presentation

The Wraith come well packaged and nicely presented with the most important technical features and specifications mentioned on the outside.

Inside you will find the WMT well protected in foam padding and some accessories neatly presented.

You will find A rubber eye cup, two CR 123A non rechargeable batteries, a usb-c external power cable, removable throw lever, detachable flip up caps and your user manual.

8. Final opinion

Having tested the WMT on various firearms , such as a Ruger RPR in 308 Winchester and a Saiga Mk-103 in 7.62x39 the ease of zeroing, handling and user friendly interface makes this unit easy to use and a great option for anyone looking to get into thermal imaging.

The Sightmark WMT in my opinion emerges as a beacon of accessibility, inviting both experienced, budget-minded hunters and first-timers to explore the world of thermal imaging. Priced below 2,000 euros, the riflescope serves as an ideal entry point to thermal imaging, offering image enhancements, optical quality, ruggedness, compact design, and a user-friendly interface.

As the hype around thermal imaging continues to grow, Sightmark's Wraith Mini 2-16x35 Thermal Riflescope stands ready to unlock new horizons, ushering in a thrilling era of thermal optics without breaking the bank.

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